A Brief History

New Orleans is Filled with History

How the Faubourg Marigny Began

The Faubourg Marigny is named for the plantation's last owner, Bernard Xavier Phillippe de Maringy de Mandeville (1785 - 1868).

The Marigny Plantation was owned by one of the wealthiest families in the New World. Their Plantation house stood near the foot of Elysian Fields and was described as being nearly twice the size of other plantation homes. Benard went to London to study business and returned to New Orleans in 1803 bringing with him a new game called "Craps" which he is credited with introducing to America. His love for the game and his not so good luck at the game was one of the reasons he began to subdivide the plantation in 1805. Thus the Faubourg Marigny (Faubourg is French for suburb), New Orleans' first suburb was created. When Marigny named the streets of his Faubourg, he called one of them "Craps". The name was later changed to Burgundy since the street address was a source of constant embarrassment to the four churches located on that street.

In Decemer of 1974, the Faubourg Marigny was placed on the Register of Historic Places. This helped the neighborhood to maintain, preserve, and restore many of its structures. Today the Faubourg Marigny is dotted with guesthouses, a number of restaurants and jazz clubs and small businesses. The charm of the Faubourg Marigny is that it has maintained the atmosphere of a true neighborhood. You will see our neighborhood's residences out and about and glad that you are here visiting our neighborhood and city